Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Updated Activities of the Board

2016, Feb 29, Discussion of a pancake fundraiser, this time, with the Restaurant providing the pancakes.  Met with Caroline, the architect from MNHS, met with Ken Muldeen from Marvin Windows. He said it would cost about $180,000 to provide new custom windows, but not likely to be approved by MNHS.  New website set up on, still Getting estimates on steeple leak. Applied for grant from American Crystal

2016, April 30 Annual meeting combined. Held after the RBJ's fundraiser.  Recognition of Cindy for her creativity on the display, and to Andy with the huge Cathedral mailing. Paid Zach of ZJ Construction to board up five windows and repair leak.  Later, he boarded up the front window and two small windows with hurricane clips. The rewrite of the Conditions Assessment and Photos were not acceptable to MNHS, so we will not be able to finish the Architect grant in time to apply for another Legacy grant. Priorities were made in a motion to next focus on protection from water damage, for example steeple hip shingles, gutters, downspouts, . Election held: President/Archives:  Kay Hegge, VP:  Glen Torkelson, Secretary/Treasurer:  Cindy, Kay will help her. Approved by-law changes: g.  Changing by-laws from monthly meetings to quarterly meetings in November, February, May, August.
                h.  Changing the fiscal year from January through December to April through March.
                i.  Changing the directors term from two years to three years.
                j.  Changing the bylaws to membership driven as opposed to current situation where the             Board does all the bylaw changes, articles changes.

2016, July 12, Hurrah, we can use the photos in the Legacy grant after all, but they will need to be reworked. Scope of Work needs a ton of work.  Carolyn said we will be tied to this Scope of Work for all future grant applications. Next fundraiser is facepainting, bars, water, and lemonade at the Cathedral during OxCart Days. A Halloween fundraising event will be planned

2016, Nov 29, Andy has resigned. He has stored the pew and the door at his Dad's storage locker in Beltrami. OxCart Days was a good start at fundraising. Cold weather.  Zombie Run (cold weather, clown scare) was a fail. Milt is finishing the architectural work on his own time, since he changed jobs. Our grant is past the due date but Carolyn says as long as we show progress, we should be fine. Jay made a mess in the Cathedral cleaning out first floor of center steeple.

2017, Jan 24  Planning a Hotdish cook-off, planning to participate in the Polk County Fair.  Roofer's number is disconnected. Still has a small leak at same site.

2017, May 3, Annual Meeting combined.  Jeannie Meine is a new Board Member.  Balance in account is $19,624.02  Donations in Memory of are encouraged. New architect to work with at MNHS: Natascha Weiner, says that we can replace some windows along with restoration of the rest. Carolyn called from MNHS, grant is closed, do final report. Final Report submitted April 30, 2017.  New volunteer, Les Hamilton will put on a Star Wars/70's bar Fundraiser for us in the Fall.  If we get approval of our final report, we will want to apply for the next large Legacy grant deadline for preapplication July 21. Set a goal of cleaning out all 3 steeples this summer.  Voted to change back to a regular fiscal year. This is a change in the by-laws.  Kay filed the 990N.

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