Monday, January 7, 2013

Empty Crookston Super Value building and parking lot

Do you ever wonder what buildings were in the space that the empty SuperValue and its parking lot now stands?  Found!  A picture of the first brick building of the Church of Christ was on the Main Street side where the parking lot is now.  Now, I wonder what was on the Broadway side?  Surely we must do something about this vacant building.  The picture doesn't show the peeling paint, garbage, and unkempt shrubbery.  Who owns this building?  I remember that the City had some interest in it.Got any good ideas?


  1. and next to this was a narrow old hotel where my Great Uncle John lived for many years. Thanks John!

  2. This from Brenda: Kay, I think there was a clinic there. Northwestern clinic? I also remember a Salvation Army Thrift Store on that block on the Main Street side. Thanks Brenda!