Friday, June 11, 2010

Crookston's Musical History

You just never know when history comes alive!  I was delighted to meet the Rigg's family as they toured historic Crookston searching for sites their great grandfather, G. Oliver Riggs, the City Bandmaster before T.W. Thorson took over, may have performed in.  Be sure to check out their great blog at It is full of pictures and information and SONGS played by G. Oliver Riggs.  Watch this blog for song lyrics sung at the old Winter Shows Building, the former Crookston Armory.  Who knows, perhaps G. Oliver performed on that stage as well. Former owner, Arnold Lahd, removed the eagle emblem from the stage for safekeeping. 

Did you know the original Winter Shows consisted of three buildings?  Yes, the former Crookston Armory is just one, the current Crookston School Bus garages are the others.   Anyone who knows more about the great Winter Shows and our former great Crookston band master, G. Oliver Rigss, please comment!

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