Friday, February 26, 2010

Imagine for One Minute!

Imagine if the former Wayne/Palace Hotel was filled with 24 artists attracted to Crookston because of the affordable lifestyle and charming spaces to live.  As you walk by the windows you will join with tourists to watch artists at work at welding, construction, forming and firing clay, painting, photographing, and creating all kinds of one of kind pieces.  Bicycles will be parked in the rear of the building; artists will bicycle up to "A" Street and over to the former Cathedral on Ash to display and sell their works, where musicians and play practices are going on.  Down in the park, you'll see artists at work as well, inspired by the river and the great spaces of the great plains.  An "Arts and Learn" opens up in the former Eagle Drug location and other arts related spin-offs fill downtown retail spaces. UMC expands its visual arts classes and purchases the Fournet Block to house arts students. A "white tablecloth" restaurant opens up in the former Carnegie Library.  Arts as therapy grows. Because there is increased tourist traffic through Crookston, other shops enjoy increased sales and they can now invest in the upkeep of their buildings. Many of them take advantage of Legacy grant funding through Prairie Skyline Foundation to redo their storefronts in the 1890's style. Our mental health is changed forever. Just imagine if the Palace/Wayne wasn't there.

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