Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Union IOOF Building

Before my post on the Union Building Project, I must ask, Does anyone know why the building's name was changed from the International Order of Odd Fellows to the Union building?

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  1. I cannot answer your question about the name. I, for a very short time after graduating high school, lived in the Union, what I called the Quist's Trading Post building. I actually wanted to give an idea on how some building or future building could be used/restored. City's such as Duluth, Minneapolis, Chicago, NY, and other places I am sure have restored old buildings/schools/etc, to build large living spaces/art studio spaces, specifically for active artists in the visual arts, music, theatre, etc. There built in buildings that have the space to include a common area that is used a a gallery, performance space, etc. They are given out after an application/resume/portfolio reviews. For more information on how some of these places work, here is a link to Duluth's website,http://www.wsacduluth.info/they are part of a larger org that developes spaces for the arts, ART Space, you may have mentioned them in the Cathedral post.