Tuesday, May 12, 2009

News from Prairie Skyline Foundation

Watch for your postcard in the mail! We are sending out a SPRING FUNDRAISING POSTCARD ONLY to those that support the Arts, History, and Theatre. Because after all, what is Architecture but artistic, historical and drama?

When you get your postcard, check your favorite project or projects, enclose just $20 and the card and return to us within 7 days for your FREE COPY of our first newsletter since 2007, (yes, we've been that busy!) containing great historical articles and lots of pictures. Remember this is your chance to "vote" on your favorite project by checking the appropriate box or boxes on the card. We want your money to go directly to where YOU WANT IT TO GO!

1. Right now, we need funds to hire "Artspace" to do an Working Arts Center Feasibility Study on the former Cathedral on Ash Street. An earlier pre-study revealed over 100 active visual artists in NW Minnesota who would LOVE to display and sell their art in such a "jewel on the prairie" space. Remember the feasibility study is the "ticket" to grant dollars.

2.We need to finish up the emergency wall repair at the former Crookston Paint & Glass Building. The grant from Walmart and the grant from the Minnesota Historical Society have gone a long way but the building inspector says we need to do more yet!

3. We need local matching funds for the grants written for the former Union Building or Quist Trading Post. We call the project KT Apartments afer Kari Thompson and the Historic King of Trails. This permanent supportive housing project will have five units for the long-term homeless and six units for very low income people, you know, single moms working at McDonald's etc.

4. We always need general operating funds and ideas for future projects. General operating funds include printing and postage, signs, and displays, etc.

Also NEW and to WATCH FOR is an upcoming article on the KT APARTMENT PROJECT in the Crookston Daily Times. This article should explain everything and how the project could come together with your help.

Thanks for visiting this page!

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